VistaLab Technologies (“VistaLab”) has been acquired by CELLTREAT Scientific Products (“CELLTREAT”). Headquartered in Brewster, NY, VistaLab develops and provides innovative solutions and systems that improve productivity, workflow, and ergonomics in research and clinical labs. The Company’s solutions are designed to increase speed and accuracy in the lab, reduce risk of contamination, and reduce waste. Its products include ergonomic instruments and pipettes offering improved accuracy and precision and an extensive range of consumables designed to conserve reagents.

CELLTREAT, headquartered in Pepperell, MA, develops and manufactures plastic laboratory consumables, with a focus on cell and tissue culture products. The Company’s products include aspirating pipets, bio-reaction tubes, filter systems, cell scrapers, flasks and caps, inoculating loops and needles, markers, petri dishes, reagent reservoirs, solution bottles and 3D cell culture plates.

The acquisition enables CELLTREAT to establish a single, enhanced source for high-quality laboratory products with an expanded distribution network. Both companies have well respected brands and trademarks in the lab supply industry, including but not limited to Celltreat, VistaLab, MLA™, Ovation®, Plasteur®, Wobble-not™, and ali-Q™.

EC M&A acted as exclusive M&A advisor to VistaLab on this transaction.