MILabs BV (“MILabs”) has been sold to Rigaku Corporation (“Rigaku”). Based in Houten, the Netherlands, MILabs has provided high-performance SPECT and PET equipment with higher efficiency and accuracy than conventional alternatives as well as unique capabilities to image nuclear therapeutics and multiple tracers simultaneously. This leverages the Company’s proprietary collimation and data acquisition technologies developed by Dr. Frederik Beekman and his colleagues. Furthermore, MILabs has developed a unique multi-modal system that enables fully integrated high performance X-ray CT, PET, SPECT, and Optical Imaging, which addresses customer needs in terms of flexibility at lower costs. The company has experienced rapid growth in sales across various imaging modalities over the last few years.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Rigaku Corporation has played a leading role in supporting the advancement of science, technology, and related industries, alongside universities, research institutions, and major industry players across the globe. The company’s business areas include nanotechnology and new materials, resources, energy, and environment, semiconductors and electronic materials, and life sciences, for which Rigaku has accumulated vast knowledge and technologies over the last 70 years. Rigaku received investment from Carlyle Group’s fund in 2021, and is currently expanding through aggressive investments in growth areas.

The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

EC M&A acted as exclusive financial advisor to MILabs on this transaction.