Camena Bioscience (Camena) completed a $10M Series A funding led by Mercia.

Camena is a pioneering developer of next generation multi-enzymatic DNA synthesis technologies, including specialized DNA synthesis technologies for long and complex gene sequences.

Over the last 20 years, advancements in technologies used to sequence and manipulate DNA have driven a rapid expansion in synthetic biology. However, DNA synthesis technology has not advanced at a comparable pace. Based on proprietary and patented technologies, Camena achieves market leading results moving beyond the inaccuracies of the current phosphoramidite synthesis methods to produce longer, gene-length, DNA molecules with much greater accuracy and more efficiently. Camena has developed a novel enzymatic de novo synthesis and gene assembly technology called gSynthTM. It consistently delivers vastly superior accuracy on gene-length DNA molecules to enable the development of novel applications from protein production to the engineering of bacteria.

The proceeds of the fundraising will be used to scale operations and continue development of its pioneering DNA synthesis platform, gSynthTM to further unlock a wide range of synthetic biology applications such as biopharma, synthetic biology / genome engineering and diagnostics. It has already signed commercial agreements with global leading consumers of synthetic genes, securing a multi-million-pound revenue stream.

EC M&A acted as exclusive advisor to Camena on this transaction.